End-to-end encrypted messaging

End-to-end encryption


CoinPath provides end-to-end encrypted private and group messaging. The multi-layer encryption ensures that no one can read the sent messages except the participants who share the same secret key.

Our end-to-end encrypted messenger starts with individual TLS connections with each user between another user or within a group, using ECDH for key exchange and AES-256 for ciphering.

The ECDH shared keys are XORed with the SHA-256 hashed key, which results in the communication being unable to be deciphered via participants using another key. Each private or group message is encrypted and isolated from one another.

Most importantly, the secret keys are generated through the user's password, both of which never leaves the client-side. It is not possible to decrypt the messages on server-side, which prevents even ourselves from viewing user's messages. This acts as a dummy router between users and does not store any data it passes, ensuring CoinPath Messenger is as obfuscated and secure as possible.

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