Founded in early 2017, CoinPath’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together on a common interest. People use CoinPath to stay connected, discover, and to share and express their path in the world of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have long been fragmented between many different social networks that do not cater directly to the industry. CoinPath is a social network platform for everyone involved in the cryptocurrency space and seeks to be the go-to platform for uncensored discussion about cryptocurrency, blockchain, ICOs, and much more.

CoinPath will let all members in the crypto space come together. Users can connect with HODLers, day traders, miners, businesses, and foundations around the world.

Our platform is absolutely free to use. Data mining has gone too far. What you like, react, share, and/or discuss should not be used against you to build predictive advertising profiles and/or as surveillance funnels for governments. This is why we do not aggregate your use of CoinPath for advertising or share it with 3rd parties. See more on this in our Privacy Policy.

Members on CoinPath are able to:

• Have a unique profile to share their path in cryptocurrency

• Discuss further in forums and create their own subforum

• Sell products in the marketplace and be paid directly with crypto

• Build a page for their business or service

• Start a public, private, or secret group for any interest

• Engage in encrypted private and group messaging

• Share photos, videos, and more