We are glad to announce the release of our Processing V2 - Wallet as a Service

From now, you are able to fully manage your wallet and create Bitcoin payments for API requests.

Basic fees:
All your income transactions are completely FREE of charge!

Fixed fee, 0.0002 BTC on each outgoing transactions more than 0.001 BTC and this, regardless of the order amount.
Micro-payments of less than 100,000 Satoshi are also free of charge.

We think that all fees on income payments are unfair, especially the 1%.
After all, a Bitcoin node is still the same as $ 1,000 or one million in a transaction, so why should a store pay $ 10 per thousand?
This is without mentioning numerous open Blockchain APIs with which you can see a client’s transaction in general for free.

Using our interface Transfer API (withdrawal), you can specify up to 255 Bitcoin addresses at the same time. Such a transaction is very useful because it has a lower commission on the Blockchain network. It’s really useful for people who are seeking to save money on transaction cost.


For this reason, this kind of service is ideal for Bitcoin games creation like a provably fair gambling system, ICO, HYIP projects, lotteries, online betting and even Global Digital Asset Exchanges. Since on the stock exchanges also, no one takes a commission for incoming payments.

Documentation: https://apirone.com/docs/wallet
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