MixMarvel Proves Blockchain Gaming Success


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2019-02-20 05:54:15

HyperDragons by MixMarvel, generated millions of user interactions and traffic and had been invited to engage in Coindesk’s Top 10 most influential people of blockchain 2018. MixMarvel also plans to launch representative blockchain games through the global platform for the first half of 2019 as reported by Coinspeaker.

According to MixMarvel’s CEO, “MixMarvel is committed to building a blockchain-based game platform and content community, connecting content creators, players and game content through a value network, making it possible for everyone to develop games, and enabling everyone to accumulate value in the process of playing.” He also mentioned that MixMarvel will distribute its products to Southeast Asia, Japan, and South Korea, North America, and Europe.

MixMarvel secured and raised tens of millions as investments from blockchain companies like Mix Labs, VLane Capital, OGC, Axonomy, imToken Ventures, Ultrain, Genesis Group, HashKey Capital and The Blockchainer, who, will also aid MixMarvel in global networking and collaboration.

Coinspeaker said that MixMarvel owes their success to their project standing out from all other projects during the bear market. Their project has not only been recognized by investors but also deeply supported by their peer partners.