Blockchain Gaming Adoption 2019


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2019-02-15 05:25:26

Online games have started incorporating the blockchain technology to their systems, but not all and not quite massively—yet. The big question for 2019 is, Will Gaming Start Adopting Blockchain More Actively this year?

As told by Deepika Garg, blockchain opportunities do not end with cryptocurrencies. Especially in gaming, an openly distributed ledger allows for ownership of game assets to be more secure and transactions for trading assets faster and more transparent. According to Garg, blockchain caught the eye of the gaming world and as the global revenue generation is exceeding $130 Billion each year, making gaming a fundamental part of media and entertainment, blockchain adoption in all games will do great wonders to the technology.

This adoption will not only benefit blockchain technology’s massive adoption and global awareness. It will also benefit the gaming industry, as blockchain offers numerous new possibilities and innovative gaming ideas.

Garg listed true ownership & value, crypto-collectibles, unique blockchain based in-game assets, development transparency, incentivizing gamers, and cashing out as just some of the countless forms of concepts blockchain may strengthen, if not introduce, to the gaming world.