After connecting tour with WA, you will no longer worry about the tour!


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I wonder if you have encountered these during the tour:

Being attacked by tour guide’s abusive expression, hurting self-esteem;

Being fooled into a cheap tour group, being forced to shop;

After buying fake and counterfeit products, and it is helpless that there is nowhere to defend rights;

Fleeced by a scalper while buying tickets at the scenic spot ......





In order to prevent these problems, the WA design team introduced blockchain technology to the tourism industry, and through the incentive measures of blockchain to reshape the value and comprehensively enhance the integrity and transparency of travel services, and then further enhance the travel experience of every tourist.


In terms of policy, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the White Paper on China's BlockChain Industry in 2018, which said that BlockChain will become the forefront of global technological development, and will promote a new round of business model transformation, reduce costs and improve efficiency for the real economy, and build a credible and honest industrial environment. WA's move is in keeping with the times, contributing their own strength to promote the trust system of tourism industry.




WA is not a traditional token asset. It is the platform token of WAfcoin, the world's first dual-license exchange. It has issued 10 billion pieces worldwide and guarantees that never to issue more. With the minimum risk coefficient, it is high quality token asset based on Real assets of Tourism Industry. WA's use the characteristics of of BlockChain technology, such as trustworthiness, traceability and global consensus, and will accelerate the intelligent development of the tourism industry.


For example, in terms of trustworthiness, WA provides a trusted data sharing environment to achieve cross-industry and large-scale business collaboration.


In terms of global consensus, WA can achieve borderless restrictions, improve cooperation efficiency, and reduce cooperation costs.


In terms of traceability, WA can achieve permanent retention of historical data, it is unique and can not be tampered with.


In terms of business model, WA will reshape its value through the incentive measures of blockchain technology, which will promote the consumption viscosity of tourism.


In terms of payment, WA’s cross-border payment can perfectly solve the problem of exchange rate conversion, and truly achieve one token to travel around the world.


In the future, after connecting tour with WA, it will definitely outline an economic ecosystem that decentralizes the value of tourism. You will no longer worry about the tour!

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