CryptoDice Referral Bonus


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2019-01-15 02:57:44

CryptoDice may just be your most generous dApp! Apart from our ETH Giveaway, with a total of 6 ETH to give, by the way, we are now also launching a new Referral Bonus system! This Referral Bonus system is open to all CryptoDice players! It’s also very easy to join our Referral Bonus system, here’s how:


  1. Play CryptoDice from January 15, 2019 to February 15, 2019 and place a minimum bet of 0.03ETH.
  2. Refer CryptoDice to your friends. Each referral should also bet a minimum of 0.03ETH.
  3. You will gain 0.1ETH for every four (4) persons who played! So 4 referrals are equal to 0.1ETH!
  4. Collect the wallet addresses of your referrals. Send those addresses together with your own wallet address to our CryptoDice Telegram group so we can countercheck.
  5. Wait for at least 8 hours for the verification process. After verification, you will receive a private message to let you know that the accumulated ETH for your referrals has been sent to your wallet address!


With these easy steps, you could enjoy earning more ETH through CryptoDice! This Referral Bonus system will only be until February 15, 2019. So hurry and get rewards now by making your friends play CryptoDice! If you have questions regarding this Referral Bonus system, you could reach us through our CryptoDice Community telegram group! Play now and spread the word!