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BR Softech provides advanced functionalities for starting a Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading platform. Get the PHP script software with 100% source code, P2P option, fast go-to-market, customized admin panel, and 24x7 support.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Features

Hot & Cold Storage

Order Book

Multi-Signature Wallet

Margin Trading & Lending

Multi-Trade Orders

Merchant API Services

Easy & Secure Transaction

P2P Exchange

Customized Admin Panel

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Using ready made script can harm your investment in term of serious loss. You must try trusted source for crypto investment and also use trusted valet for keeping your crypto currency. One of the best way to get the proper idea of the market for trading is to follow crypto signal and get news about the market without any issue. Following experts tips is also very helpful while you are in trading of crypto that helps to overcome maximum loss so you can invest next time more eagerly than earlier.


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I use my own signal, which I set on tradingview. I have even set bots with tradingbot-solutions on tradingview.

I would love to discuss different trading techniques here. On wich coins you daytrade and what percentages do you use for trailing stopp losses and sellpoints?