CryptoDice Referral Bonus is Back!


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2019-03-18 03:25:41

CryptoDice Referral Bonus is back! And it just got better! Now, the Referral Bonus has a multiplier that allows you to get more ETH as you bring more friends into the game! Here are the rules:


  1. Play CryptoDice and make sure you place a minimum bet of 0.03 ETH.
  2. Recommend CryptoDice to your friends! They should also place a minimum of bet of 0.03 ETH when they play.
  3. You need to refer 5 friends to get 0.1 ETH! Your next 10 referrals (disregarding your first five) will earn you 0.25 ETH. So the more you refer, the bigger you get! The Referral Bonus Chart is found below ↓.
  4. The multiplier system only works as a ladder. You must refer 5 friends first before you can refer 10 friends to get the bigger bonus.
  5. Collect your friends’ wallet addresses and send them to CryptoDice Community in Telegram along with your own wallet address so we can confirm that you and your friends played and placed the minimum bet required.
  6. Once your referrals are verified, you will be contacted through direct message to confirm your bonus.
  7. Bonus payouts will be given every Thursdays, 5AM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Make sure you send your referrals beforehand to give time for verification so you can get your bonus on the nearest Thursday!


Here are the rewards that you can get:

First 5 friends - 0.1 ETH

Next 10 friends - 0.25 ETH

Next 15 friends -  0.4 ETH

Next 20 friends - 0.55 ETH

*Note that you have to go through referring your first five friends before you can be eligible to get bigger rewards for your next 10 referrals, and so on!

Refer CryptoDice to your friends now! And don’t forget, the more, the merrier!

So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends about this awesome bonus! Join our community and help us reach people who love to play casino blockchain games!