Christmas is a big and festive celebration, and with all sorts of celebration comes all sorts of food. The quality of food is always a big deal to people especially because everyone cares for a good celebration. Fresh food is what all celebrations call for. But this Christmas season, how exactly are we going to check, track and ensure that what we put on the table is fresh?


Blockchain can help. As we all know, blockchain is a distributed ledger that is encrypted to prevent tampering. This technology can provide people with more information about the food that they will buy. Blockchain technology can also verify and record transactions between seller and buyer quicker and in a more secure manner. From the docks to the table, all transactions can be tracked. Buyers will definitely be surer of what they are buying and more people will be happier in the service that they are getting.


Technology is made to make people’s lives easier and blockchain is proving this to be true. Our celebrations like Christmas and events can be merrier if we have fewer things to worry about like being safe in the knowledge that the food we eat is always fresh.