• Hello,

    I am new to cryptocurrencies and faced the problem of bitcoin wallets - I could not find a simple wallet for novice users.

    At first I tried the bitcoin wallet blockchain.com - but every time you need to enter a long id there.
    Then I switched to wallet.btc.com and wallet.bitcoin.com - but there also need to save some files. Not comfortable.

    A couple of weeks ago, I started using a bitcoin wallet https://bitcoinofficial.org

    Just enter the e-mail and password - and the bitcoin wallet is ready.
    Another plus in anonymity (Fully anonymous Bitcoin Wallet) and private keys are open (Open access to private keys).

    Languages ​​available
    https://bitcoinofficial.org/fr/ https://bitcoinofficial.org/es/ https://bitcoinofficial.org/pt/ https://bitcoinofficial.org/it/ https://bitcoinofficial.org/cn/ https://bitcoinofficial.org/tr/

    In general, while happy.
    Who had a similar problem with bitcoin wallets - try.
    Who enjoyed any impressions and feedback?
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